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We are a startup tech company, started by a group of friends(10 people) studying Computer Engineering in Kathmandu Engineering College. We provide Web Development and Design Services, Logo Designing Services, Android Development and Design Services, System Design and Services. As we still have a year left to complete our Bachelors in Computer Engineering, the main objective of the establishment of this startup was to utilize our free time and improve our programming and coding skills and analysis. The main goal of our startup is to provide the community with useful services, especially by delivering mobile-phones based android apps that help in the day-to-day life of as many individuals as possible in any way possible. We are ready to listen to ideas from the public, and if we think we like it and can design the product we are ready to buy the idea from the public. We are looking for ideas which will change our day-to-day life in anyway possible.


Web Development Web Designing Android Development Logo Design

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