Sajilo Marmat Sewa

जहाँ समस्या त्यहा सजिलो
Looking For: Funding
Product Status: Launched


SMS is a one stop maintenance solution that aims to be the largest digital market place in Nepal. We serve households and business houses through on call service and annual maintenance contract. Our service ranges from plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting to computer and networking.


Plumbing Electrical One stop Solution AMC annual maintenance contract

Funding Information

Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Bootstrap
Total Funding Received : None
Total Funding Expected : 1 - 10 million

Message to the Investors

Sajilo Marmat Sewa is a startup established to change the way people acquire service in Nepal. We are here to revolutionize the service industry by streamlining the process of acquiring day to day services in a household and business houses. Sajilo Marmat Sewa aims to improve the quality of people’s lives through technology enabled solutions by providing highest quality maintenance services with a sense of warmth, friendliness and company spirit in Nepal. And to create a healthy, accessible and competitive market for skilled technicians by creating a platform and enhancing soft skills for overall personality development. We are here to solve the problem of the household by providing maintenance experts at a click of a button and to provide a healthy and competitive digital market for the technicians. Our web and mobile applications will provide a range of services focused on maintenance. Currently, we offer seven services; 1. Plumbing, 2. Electrical, 3. Painting, 4. Carpentry, 5. Computer hardware, 6. Computer network, 7. Appliances Our focus is not just on solving the problem but to solve them in a convenient, responsive and reliable manner. Thus ensuring quality work. We also serve organizations through annual maintenance contract. After conducting a thorough survey of the property and equipment’s we provide a quotation to the organizations. Organizations have been forced to use unprofessional service which affects their operations and makes them inefficient. Sajilo marmat sewa provides easy and professional service which allows the organizations to focus on their core business. Thus increasing efficiency. In the future we want to transform from ‘Sajilo Marmat Sewa’ to ‘Sajilo Sewa’. We want to become a digital service marketplace where people can sell their skills and customers can easily find services which was previously difficult to acquire.

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