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This project is about setting up two wheeler and four wheeler Low-range,Mid-range and High-range Electric vehicle(scooter,motorbike, bicycle and UTV) manufacturing, renting and Selling in Nepal. While starting up the commercial production, we will start with low-range models. we will order every parts from china. That includes Motor, Controller, Batteries and Wheels. We will put these parts together in our design and in second phase we will make it as smarter as possible with software. The Software will be based on Mobile app and it will be able to customize riding style(Eco mode,travel mode and sport mode) including max. Power, max. Torque, max.range and more.


Funding Information

Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Bootstrap
Total Funding Received : None
Total Funding Expected : 1 - 10 million

Message to the Investors

As you know, the world is going to be all electric by 2020. If we get sufficient investment, we will be one of the top manufacturer of EV for Nepal and World market. We can fabricate our own lithium batteries and can drastically lower the final cost of a products and thus we can focus on large number of possible customers including students, working class people and small business.

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