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Rara Mart eCommerce industry still being at an infant stage in Nepal, is growing rapidly. There are a handful of companies that provide online service and home delivery. With increasing internet providers in the country, people have started finding ways to ease their life with the internet. Ordering foods, clothes, groceries and paying online has quickly become a lifestyle in Nepalese society. Nepal also has increased its mobile phone users dramatically in recent years which have helped entrepreneurs to communicate and provide services easily. E-commerce businesses are providing service through websites, mobile apps and even through Facebook pages and other social media platforms. With this boom in online services, people have benefitted with hassle-free, timely and accurate services. However, there are still hundreds of challenges in Nepal faced by e-commerce companies. Lack of proper home addresses, payment gateways, and clear government policies, companies has difficulty providing up to mark services to its consumers. Lack of enough funding has also killed some of the potential startups in e-commerce domain. Another important challenging factor is the trust of consumers in online products. Raramart, in spite of being a newcomer in e-commerce business in Nepal, has grown significantly in recent few months. With aggressive market strategies, excellent service and consumer first policy, Raramart has gained popularity in Kathmandu and other major cities. The journey began with two young MBA graduates looking to bring some positive changes in society. The only problem was proper funding and some people to trust their vision and goals. And when people with vision met with people with money, something awesome happened, Raramart. And its seems like yesterday when raramart.com started with a vision to become one-stop platform for buyers and sellers with miscellany of products and services at a reasonable price. Raramart has been able to stand out from the crowd by providing excellent products and services to its consumers since its establishment. Together with Business experts from Japan, these Nepalese entrepreneurs have been able to compete in the mushrooming industry of ecommerce in Nepal. Raramart is providing wide range of products, from watches, furniture, grocery to books. And raramart has been adding its vendors and products rapidly. With free delivery and cash on delivery, raramart has made easier for people to select products at their comfort from home. It is also providing different discount offers to reach more people at a reasonable price. You can find clothing, footwear, women clothing and makeup materials of high quality. The company is dominantly increasing sales in apparel and similarly in electronics and mobiles are others products that are gaining popularity. Raramart has partnered with different brands and vendors to provide its consumers with better quality products at a reasonable price. Raramart is doing its best to meets its client’s expectations in quality standards and service through continuous improvement and customer interaction. The creative team works with highly skilled craftsmen to ensure that clients get the best quality products. Raramart is also providing home decorations products. The sales and administration staff makes sure that ordered products get delivered on time and precisely. Major products include Men clothing and accessories Women accessories. Beauty and health products Home appliances Electronics products Sports and fitness Books and media Grocery Ordering from Raramart is as simple as clicking some links and entering your email with a password. Select a product you love and with an email confirmation, the products will get delivered directly to your home. You can also ask for speedy delivery without any extra cost included. You can also track the status of the product you ordered with a tracking code provided by Raramart. Now with the increasing popularity of e-commerce in Nepal, Raramart has plans to expand its services to all the cities and even remote areas of Nepal. The company is working on helping local producers and consumers directly through its online platform. Recent data shows Nepal has an immense possibility for online services and Raramart is emerging as a dominant shareholder in this domain. It won’t be wrong to say, Raramart is going to be one of the leaders in the e-commerce industry in the coming few months.


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