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There is no better way to experience a place, but living like one of them
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Community Homestay Network is a community-based Homestay network that connects global-travelers with the real faces of Nepal for a genuine local travel experience in Nepal. As once a French novelist Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” CommunityHomestay.com is a way of exploring the rich diversity of Nepalese communities and forms a bridge to connect local people and the culture of Nepal to the rest of the world. In our Community Homestays, the host family welcomes you as much more than just a tourist, but as a guest and a friend. During your stay with the host family, there will be many ways where you can involve yourself in their daily lives, and to participate in their local festivals, celebrations, and daily work. It is an exceptional opportunity to experience a completely different way of life, far from the mad rush of the world we are all too familiar with. Certainly, there couldn't be any better way than this to give you an insight into the real or authentic Nepal. In particular, CommunityHomestay.com works to encourage women’s empowerment and help preserve and value their traditional skills. Most of the owners of the Homestays are women and housewives. One of the major fundamental objectives of CommunityHomestay.com is to inspire local and indigenous communities to interact with the rest of the world through the medium of tourism. To be precise, CommunityHomestay.com is a platform for the women and local communities of Nepal to generate sustainable economic opportunities as a part of responsible tourism. CommunityHomestay.com is also a great way to exchange your ideas and skills to the local communities. Many of our Homestays support their own village schools and learning centers from the surplus they generate from the Homestay project. Whilst staying in one of the Homestays, you can also volunteer to teach in one of the schools, assist with the rebuilding of classrooms damaged in the earthquake, or help by simply sharing your ideas about health, education, and hygiene in the local community, encouraging and inspiring local people for better tomorrows. Learn to cook like a local from the host family, explore the community life with them, learn native skills and see their perspective on life, inspire, get inspired, and make your vacation memorable.


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