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Looking For: Funding
Product Status: Launched


We’ve got a fresh new look & feel and SellsBox is all about you - We are committed to helping our customers make empowering decisions, which means we’ll continue to work hard to offer you more updates and new features very soon.




Funding Information

Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Bootstrap
Total Funding Received : Undisclosed
Total Funding Expected : 0 - 1million

Message to the Investors

Hello, We are Sellsbox. As we are moving forward with the technology customer experience has become a high priority for the websites. Keeping that in mind and seeing current classifieds websites, we created sellsbox. We’ve got a fresh new look and feel and posting ads on our platform is much easier than the ones out in this category. We have our own chat platform where buyers and sellers can interact avoiding the hassle of messaging outside our platform. We are hoping to build more robust feature for greater income from our premium targeted ads. So that user has a better experience for their purpose on our platform. Thank You.

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