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Mission To create a competitive marketplace that supports all the online and offline to a fair competitive market. Vision Create an ultimate shopping experience platform Problem Statement - As we know, the e-commerce business is booming and estimated its business up to $25million. There are 35+ e-commerce company. But every site has different price, customers are confused about where to buy. - In Nepal no free competition, there is a CARTEL system you can find. - Eg of cartel system is mahaboudha bazar, computer bazar, newroad mobile bazar. Business Model We are planning to explore the different category of product that consumers are purchasing in order to provide them helpful information. Revenue Model - Marketing partner with an online and offline vendor to implement an analysis report on consumer buying behavior. - Provide target customer for the specific product - Charge 10 to 20% commission on the sales value of the product purchased through Dheba app About our service Free to use You can feel safe when shopping and have access to helpful information for making smart purchasing decisions. Find products at the best price You can find and compare the lowest price of more than 30k products from 50 retailers. Independent and trustworthy Independent price comparison service. No retailer can affect the information you benefit from to its advantage. Price Drop Alert Instant price drop alert Email / SMS Offline Store Finder Find the cheapest deal near your location


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E-Commerce is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate all over Nepal. When there is a 50+ market place for an electronic product all combine. What will be the case if you are getting the best deal from giant e-commerce that you know of? We all been there, we don't like our money or time to be wasted on something that could be saved. Why not make a platform where you can provide information to the customer that will influence their buying behavior and destroy monopoly market place where giant e-commerce will not have a chance of killing small business competitors?

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