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SARARA is latest e-hailing service in the town! We provide ride e-hailing service through smartphone applications. We are bringing the driver and passengers together in a unique blend of innovation amazing service and for outstanding user experiences. Let us add values in your life via our e-hailing service. SARARA app is a platform where people can book a bike ride through a mobile app to and from the destination of their choice. It also provides an opportunity for people with a two-wheeler to become a ‘Captain’ on the platform to offer rides on their bikes and Taxis and make some extra money in their spare time. We are here for solving the ever-growing intra-city commute problem in the most economical way. The menace of traffic and the lack of efficient transport options in most cities is a common day problem now. With a vision to provide affordable and fast transport option for the people, SARARA app is now operational in most of the cities of Nepal.


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