Madhav Space Agency

A small step toward space from Nepal.
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Madhav Space Agency is a national private limited company with a group of young dynamic and highly motivated people in Nepal. In the race of space technology and research, we started with a small team of Science Mathematics and Engineering students to be a part of this space race. Since our country, Nepal is a small and developing country where we have to face allot to establish. Our major goal is to establish our nation in the space race. We are working on satellite and ground station research and development in Nepal only. Connecting with other related national and international organization and companies to gain the best result. Also, have the aim to help the upcoming generation of Nepal by developing different space science and engineering labs and providing them proper guidance and training. Madhav Space Agency (MSA) Nepal is planning to design and develop the country which is in the developing phase needs your support, hard work, education, and technology. MSA is a team of engineers, scientists, technicians, HR specialists, IT specialists, physicists, mathematicians and many more specialists building the nation together. Madhav Space Agency (MSA) Nepal needs your support from various departments like Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Automation, Electrical, and Electronics Engineer, Mechatronic Engineer.


space technology engineering aerospace.


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Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Bootstrap
Total Funding Received : Undisclosed
Total Funding Expected : Above 50 million

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