Nepal's First Open Online Tutoring Class, Start Learning With Nepal's Top Premium Teachers, Nepal's most affordable Class for every Students
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It's me Mt. Husain from Nepal, Founder and CEO of E-Tutorclass. It is Nepal's First innovative International Open Online Tutoring class. Everyone can be a teacher and everyone can be a student. This platform fulfill the recycling needs of Students, Teacher and Institute. It connect teachers, Students, Institute, in a single platform. It utilizes the wastage time of teacher after their regular jobs or works and to keep them being imparted their skills, Knowledge, experiences through which student can learn quality education with Nepal's top teacher either Tuition base classes or Skilled based Training with minimum affordable fee. Learning with E-tutor class is more convenient and 2-3 times more affordable than usual offline classes either physical or Online Classes. Our Mission is to make learning system as convenient and effective possible. We want to change the way of learning which helps to learn difficult concept and get better grades by connecting them professional top teacher in digital classroom. We also emphasized to teachers to increase their income to teach what they love to teach.We want Scalable this effective system to every countries which are very back warded in education System. This an effective digital platform to explore quality education all over the world.


Nepal's First Open Online Tutoring Class Start Learning With Nepal's Top Premium Teachers Nepal's most affordable Class for every Students


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Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Bootstrap
Total Funding Received : None
Total Funding Expected : 1 - 10 million

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I want to Expand this Etutorclass to Company from 15 Members to 15,000 Cooperative team member globally by providing them opportunity before 2025. I saw my people around me they are wandering here there due to lack of opportunity. They more excellent but also they are not getting the good opportunity. So I'm looking for good Investor to lead us financially. Thank you..!

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