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Market Sewa: The Best Place to find items and Services in Nepal It is a top-rated trustworthy Nepalese advertisement platform where you can discover, purchase, and sell simply about anything in Nepal. This market platform connects buyers and sellers directly for their desired products and services at a reasonable cost. Everyone can easily sell their new and used items like fashionable clothing, cars, real estate, motorcycles, shoes, handbags, etc. Also, electronic appliances, laptops, smartphones. This app has special features to find and offer jobs, to search rental vacancies, household equipment & businesses, and many more items. In this application, everyone can easily reach to vehicle service, creative professionals, enterprise services. And also if you are searching for domestic or commercial plots, house, office space, and villas for rent or sale. It can be available in Market Sewa. Market Sewa is the first-rate place for you. You do not have to go anywhere to find Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Carpenters, Furniture Dealers, TV & Washing Machine Repairer. And you can connect with Local Service Experts for Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Vaastu Consultants & more easily through Market Sewa. Connect us at Facebook https://facebook.com/marketSewa and on our website https://marketsewa.com .


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