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Callmandu Nepal Action, especially for small and medium enterprise, is a listing platform of advertisement, promotion to serve your service and products. What else if a startup business has a hassle free platform to engage with its wide audiences promoting its services and scaling its impressions. Doing hard job for start-up along with tech stuffs might be easier today with our listing platform which amplifies your products in wider audience through website and social media automatically. Once you list out your product in the website it will be automatically posted in our variety of social media. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) especially headed by youth are in centre point to collaborate in the first phase and preferences of youth in leads of the platform. We strongly encourage youth to collaborate projects galvanizing aspiration of cooperation in big picture but not a contest. Callmandu Nepal Action simplifies technical hurdles of start-up in a way that everyone can go with flow to scale up their business growth in exponential way. You should not worry about website or any tech guy for world class online platform to promote and sell your products. We are to fix your tech stuffs providing online platform linking market to your products. When you are about to promote and sell your products in our platform, you might have also tremendous opportunity to get stuffs for your production line which will ultimately contribute in your stock and sales. We are facilitating online platforms for everyone, especially for SMEs headed by youth like you and me. I recommended to sign up today and list your products collaborating our online platform. We will be in a connection with you for further insight of Callmandu soon. Callmandu works in three steps to publish your services and products in a platform. Callmandu will be a wonderful journey to start up your business online without any technical huddles. Let’s see how Callmandu works. https://callmandu.com/how-callmandu-works/


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Callmandu is "Local Business Directory Nepal" for all, most importantly for small and medium enterprise, to advertise services and serve people in Nepal. We are not doing any great thing but doing business listing through digital storytelling different in a market. Trust us, we can win together.

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