Kishan Kishanko Saathi
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Khetaalo is a non-profit organisation which assists local farmers in various locations throughout Nepal by inviting individuals from all over the world to experience and help with Nepali farming traditions. Interns and volunteers get an opportunity to immerse and explore Nepali Farming Practices, Nepali Customs and Traditions, Nepali Festivals and Rituals. The main drive of the project is to familiarise farmers to commercial farming and entrepreneurship.


Funding Information

Funding Currency = US Dollar($)
Funding Type : Seed Round
Total Funding Received : Undisclosed
Total Funding Expected : 1 - 10 million

Message to the Investors

40% of National GDP comes from Agriculture. More than 15% of active population fly overseas, rarely few return. A huge demand exists for helpers in farm, which will be provided by Khetaalo. Khetaalo has a potential to have a firm impact on Nepalese economy.

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