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KhojaNepal.com is Nepal’s Local Search engine that provides local search related services to users across Nepal through multiple platforms such as website, mobile website, Apps (Android, iOS,), and text (SMS). It is a business information portal where local businesses can list themselves so that general public can locate the right business for their needs conveniently and quickly. Our mission is to provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers. Corporate Information • We are private limited company registered at Nepal with name- Absolute Digital Business Solutions Private Limited. • The official website is - www.khojanepal.com • Our search services are available to users across multiple platforms such as website, mobile website, Apps, and text (SMS). • Our search services bridge the gap between users and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services effortlessly, while helping businesses listed in Khojanepal's database to market their offerings.


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