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Kanchan Cashmere- The leading Cashmere producer company in Nepal
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Kanchan Cashmere is the leading Cashmere producer company in Nepal since 2008. With a goal of producing genuine quality cashmere goods and building relationships with customers for lifetime. Kanchan Cashmere is a well-known cashmere product manufacturer that is always dedicated to fulfill the demand of customers, necessity, fashion trend and style. We produce exclusive clothing accessories including Cashmere suits, cashmere scarf, yarn sweater, poncho, stole, shawl, wraps, blankets cardigan, and many items. Cashmere is the pure and fine fiber. We manufacture the trending fashion style outfit of cashmere and deliver the luxury fabric product, which is magically soft in touch and offers the best warmth ever than other normal woolen products. We have a wide variety of cashmere clothes for men and women both, due to standard high quality and best design we are successful to deliver the cashmere love toward national and international customers. We have the best technicians in the town to ensure and deliver the finest product to our customers. We never compromise with quality, customer satisfaction, and quality service as we believed. Cashmere clothes are wight times warmer than normal wool. It is the perfect product to keep the body warm during cold weather. Cashmere clothes are lightweight, soft and highest grade. Cashmere is the softest fiber, incredibly soft and luxurious garments that last long. The unique property of cashmere is the softness and warmth of the luxurious fabric so that is the choice of everyone. Kanchan Cashmere produces pure cashmere clothing accessories with quality cashmere at lower price. We produce highest quality cashmere and supplies throughout the world. Handmade and knitted clothing and accessories, sweaters, scarves, mitten, ponchos, gloves, socks and latest fashion trends. We never compromise with the quality and fashion trend. Kanchan cashmere has its own production unit, working prototypes and perfectly finished goods to offer the best service. We never compromise with quality, we make sure our technicians make quality checks on production cycles and ensure the best finished products to be delivered.


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