They could be the stars: VisualiseVR

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They could be the stars: VisualiseVR

Founders: Bobby Basnet, Sajesh Khadgi, Saurav Bajracharya, Kushal Vaidya

Started on: Worked on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) from early 2015. The company was officially named VisualiseVR in 2016 under the parent company Semantic Creation.



NepalVR: Nepal’s tourism promotion app and Nepal’s first VR app.


VR Apps: Economic and efficient VR apps for businesses that can benefit from them.

AR Marketing: New form of marketing presentation, which adds an edge to marketing campaigns.

 VR Production: VR content, 360° videos and photos add interaction to make it a complete VR experience.

Data Visualisation: With AR/VR, data can be represented in a life-like form, adding more details and information.

Virtual Training: Experiential learning without having to arrange for the actual logistics and environment.

Virtual Tours: API Based VR tours for businesses and campuses that also provide user statistics.


Value proposition

VisualiseVR launched Nepal’s first VR app and is among the few VR/AR services companies in existence anywhere. The company has collaborated with the best studios in Nepal to provide quality services. The low costs for product development in Nepal give them an economic edge over other competitors globally, most of which are in Europe or the USA.


The company recently won the Seedstars Kathmandu 2016 and will be competing against 67 other winners from around the world in Geneva, in April, 2017, for the Seedstars World title. The team previously came together to participate in a global hackathon ‘#hack- 4good 0.2’, organised by Geeklist, won it in Kathmandu, and got ranked third globally. The team have also bagged three local prestigious awards: they won the ReNepal Hackathon, LOCUS 2015 Hackathon and were 2nd Runner Up in Startup Weekend 5th Edition.


The company is operating on internal funding and is growing organically through bootstrapping. Currently, they are preparing for the first seeds of external funds.


Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on research and development, concentrating on providing a better user experience, user interface and better applications for businesses. Consequently, their services have been sought by multiple non-profit organisations and businesses. They have already received 30 to 40 proposals for collaborations.

Future plans

They are looking to hit the market with full-fledged services starting 2017. The company’s end goal is to tap into the global market and establish Nepal as a global hub for efficient AR/VR development. By doing this, they plan to generate interesting and creative employment opportunities in Nepal.

Reason for being on this list

VR and AR are the future of not only the tech industry, but also the education and health industries. While the company hasn’t generated any cash flow yet, the market is still open to all, and they have first mover’s advantage in the local as well as global market. It should be relatively easy for them to scale up as there is a demand for VR/ AR products/services, and there are no competitors in the local market yet. 

*First Published by our writer in M&S VMAG

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