Udhyami Seed Camp: Facilitating the next generation of Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Udhyami Seed Camp: Facilitating the next generation of Entrepreneurs in Nepal

There is a growing sense of enthusiasm and interest surrounding entrepreneurship across the world. Even more so in a developing country like Nepal- not just because it is trendy but because it is the need of the hour. But, entrepreneurship is easier said than done. The world is constantly changing and fast, and so are the issues and needs of the wide world. As such, as people looking to pounce on gaps and opportunities in the market, entrepreneurs face a greater challenge in understanding the market dynamics while starting out.

Considering all of these obstacles faced by every first time entrepreneur looking to execute their idea, STARTUPSNepal has come up with Udhyami Seed Camp, an entrepreneurship boot-camp designed to guide, support and facilitate teams with ideas turn their ideas into reality. We understand that it is very easy to fall prey to the sheer market dynamics, its expectation and get lost in the whirlwind of ideas. Identifying market gaps, developing solutions and selling it to targeted audience is not as easy as they sound in the paper. There are times during research and practical process of entrepreneurship that has the ability to take a toll on anybody. The fact that more than 90% of all startups die within the first year of operation is a testament to the fact that entrepreneurship is literally- nerve wracking.

But with proper guidance, support and perseverance entrepreneurship truly is a possibility for all. Different programs geared towards grooming entrepreneurship like Entrepreneurial talks, Consultations, Bootcamps, Incubators, and Accelerators are commonplace all around the globe today. And, this growing popularity resulting in the growth of the entrepreneurial community is a testament to the enduring belief on entrepreneurship and the prospect it holds for the future. Udhyami Seed Camp is our attempt as the startup community of Nepal to add layers to the growing startup ecosystem.


Udhyami Seed Camp is a five-day long business development program where 20 teams of 2-4 members with potentially breakthrough ideas have come together to challenge themselves to turn their ideas into business. The startup bootcamp featuring ambitious entrepreneurs, seasoned coaches, and hungry investors attempts to discover the next big thing. The bootcamp will feature all the essential elements for starting a business like identifying market gaps and needs, analyzing product viability and business possibility, networking with skilled people and getting exposure to help build foundations of a promising venture. The 5-days of Udhyami Seed Camp will end with a pitching session in front of hungry investors followed by the business refinement process. Additionally, the bootcamp features follow-up sessions twice a month after the conclusion of the event to guide the entrepreneurs through their entrepreneurial journey.    


This edition of Udhyami Seed Camp has been designed as women-focused edition. Women in Nepal are far behind their male counterparts in almost every field. And while political inclusion is slowly taking shape through their representation in government and bureaucratic bodies, business community because of its power to shape many different things needs to further this process. Udhyami Seed Camp: Women focused edition is our attempt to empower women to recognize their potential as entrepreneurs. Each team participating in this edition of the Seed Camp thus has at least one female co-founder working on their dream venture.  

The Udhyami Seed Camp has become a reality because of resounding belief presented to us by some of the active organizations with deep faith in entrepreneurship and inclusion. Our partners like Honda Dio, Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Naari Magazine, Landmark Education, Braindigit, and BAC Art Cafe, among others, have made Udhyami Seed Camp, once a distant dream a possibility. And, we heartily thank our partners and supporters for helping us invigorate the startup ecosystem in Nepal. We expect continued support in building the startup community further.


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