Name: Vidhan Rana


Vidhan has more than eight years of experience in strategic planning, communications and entrepreneurship. He finished his Bachelors degree in Economics and Management from Hope College in Michigan, USA.


Vidhan finished his Bachelors in Business Management and Economics in 2008 from Hope College in Michigan, USA. He then worked at Whittaker Associates, Inc., which is a market research firm, to develop a partnership with several state and local economic development agencies to provide guidance and support to SMEs on issues of employment generation. He then subsequently established a research division for Whittaker Associates in Nepal in October 2010. In July 2011, Vidhan founded Biruwa Ventures to support aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of starting their own ventures. At Biruwa, Vidhan is responsible of setting the vision and direction for the company. He also leads the company's serviced office space division. Through Biruwa, Vidhan has mentored over 200 entrepreneurs and invested in four startups. 

Looking For

People and enterprises making a positive change in this world.

Prior Investments

Visit company website: http://biruwa.net/

Invested Companies


"Sajilo Yatra"


Think Big


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