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  It is often said that businesses are built on nothing but passion. Although many entrepreneurs talk about the importance of having passion to build a business, there are only a few people in N...
  What kind of furniture do you want in your office? Think of thousands of words in variety of ways and you will probably end with words that can be summed up by these very words--- Luxurious,...

In just about half a year of operation, Chamena, a lunch delivery service for offices, has lived through plenty of ups and downs. This week’s startup story is an attempt to explore those very peaks and troughs

Sarbottam Nari, the leading women’s magazine in Nepali language, is making subtle yet significant contribution towards women entrepreneurship development in Nepal for more than fifteen years now.

Margo Nepal Pvt Ltd aims to produce pure organic fresh fruit juices by sourcing locally-produced fruits from all over the country.

Farm to Finger has created an efficient supply management system to deliver farm products to consumers
Nepal Packaging and Cool Storage (NPAC) Pvt Ltd seeks to be a big player in the kiwifruit sector. But to do so, they must first eliminate the inefficiencies of the sector in Nepal.
Response Corp., a company established with an objective to provide overall digital marketing solutions to businesses and brands looking for strong digital media presence, has acquired a 50 percent sta...


 In his attempt to emulate the ongoing trend of the world looking forward to resource sharing, Bhatta has rightly made adjustments to tap into the Nepali market, taking Tootle step by step to ensure safe, secure and seamless ride to any “tootler

Danfe Solutions is one of the six companies that have been chosen for M&S Next's Launchpad programme. This article presents Danfe's premier product.
Eton Technology Pvt Ltd (ETPL), one of six startup companies selected for M&SNext Venture Corp’s NEXT Launchpad, is here to help schools with its Sajilo School Manager
June 10, 2017,  A 9 day-long social innovation boot camp, UAE-Nepal Connect, UNC2017, was organized by INNOCO from June 2-10 at ICA Training Center, Koteshwor. The boot camp, according to the or...

M&S Next Venture Corp’s much-awaited business accelerator program, NEXT Launchpad, kicked off today announcing six high-potential businesses.

Kantipur Media Group (KMG) has invested in the FinTech giant of Nepal - F1 Soft / e-Sewa, making it the largest investment in Nepal's tech industry.

Dalle is a derogatory term used to denote stunted growth in colloquial Nepali. The rise of Dalle- a comfort food outlet for the residents of Kathmandu, named after the small round red chillies abundan...
Nepali e-entrepreneurs are just scratching the surface right now. There's no limit to how big the sector will become.


Agri-Business BootCamp, an intensive mentorship/training programme organized with intentions to promote agricultural business, innovation and entrepreneurship concluded today with an uproar.

Facebook’s annual f8 meetup is being hosted in Kathmandu for the first time on April 19, 2017 in collaboration with M&S Next Venture Corp. The official website of F8 meetup introduces the meetup as a 2-day annual event that brings developers and entrepreneurs together to explore the future of the technology.

Five Nepali Entrepreneurs created a buzz in the Nepali Startup Scene this week.

Narottam Aryal presents the basics that startups need to know.