Building a unique brand

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Building a unique brand

If yes, there is a greater meaning of branding you have been missing out. Branding is not just the product you offer, it’s much more than that. It is intangible. It’s the image people form when they hear your startup’s name. It’s the way they relate with your startup. It’s the value they believe they’ll obtain from you. It’s the way they will differentiate you from the pool of startups.

There are many cost effective and productive way through which you can do so.


Have a perfect Name


As the proverb goes ‘A person with a bad name is already half-hanged’ you won’t want your startup to end in its beginning phase itself. First impression of your firm will be founded upon its name. Your startup’s name will be its tone and voice through which it will communicate to all its customers.

Even Billionaire Donald Trump’s family once had its family name as Drumpf. The reason they changed it, is to improve their business. Trump is a very good name for a business as it’s easy to pronounce, strikes the ear and sounds powerful.


Tell a Story


Beyond the utility and functionality of your product, customers make their choice on stories. A famous communication consultant and author of ‘How to Tell Great Business Stories’ Nick Morgan says, ‘In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor.’  The more you make your target customers feel that your brand cares about them, the more loyal they will be.

Let them know why you are doing this, let them know the sense of purpose attached to your product. An abstract from story covered by Juliana ‘JAMA Nepal – From Instagram to Kathmandu’s leading apparel store’ clearly reflects this. “My thulo daddy (her father’s brother) bought me this frock when I was about three years old and I used to wear it all the time. Every time I cried, wearing that frock would shut me up. It made me really happy.”

This line reflect how one can get attached to one’s apparel which is her startup’s product. Remember, as a startup YOUR STORY is the first asset you own, so exploit it to create your startup’s brand.


Give good Experience

Another way to set yourself apart is by providing good experience. Creating a unique experience for your customer will help you establish emotional ties with your customers. Pulling them towards you every single time.

You can have Starbuck’s a traditional but still the best example for focus on good experience as your inspiration. Starbucks focused on creating a connection between customers through store experience. Starbuck’s employees brought out romance and theater in its store and worked to make it a ‘third space’.

Using these simple techniques will help you create an influence among your customers and help them perceive you in a unique way. Thus, building YOUR unique Brand.


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