Creating ‘smarter’ schools

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Creating ‘smarter’ schools

Most complex business organisations have already started adopting technology to help with management and operations. It's thus strange that only a few schools and educational institutions in Nepal have made use of technology to optimise their management systems. This is sort of ironic because schools were the first place where the people of our generation got introduced to technology, learning about what computers could do and how their powers could be harnessed to make work easier.

Until just a few years ago, even if schools in the country wanted to adopt technology, they had no option but to develop packages on their own, incurring huge costs.  But now, Eton Technology Pvt Ltd (ETPL), one of six startup companies selected for M&S Next Venture Corp's NEXT Launchpad, is here to help matters: the company's Sajilo School Manager is an integrated solution that should bring about a sea change in how schools are managed. The School Manager Package includes a CMS (Content Management System) website, a complete school management software and a mobile application--all of which will help automate regular operational and administrative activities in schools. More than 100 schools have already subscribed to the offering. 

Developed on a highly secured Laravel platform, Sajilo School Manager delves deeply into understanding school-related problems and solving them through its algorithms. The company, according to cofounders, Roshan Limbu and Prabal Pradhan, is taking measured steps to grow and incorporate variables and learnings that will help build a robust school-friendly support system. Apart from making school-management easier, the software also helps parents keep track of their child's school performance--thus enhancing collaboration between the students' parents and the school.  

What can users expect? 

For starters, schools will get a fully responsive website on which can be created an unlimited number of pages and menus; the end users will be able to easily edit the site's contents and automise scheduled event-related information segments. Furthermore, the software, controlled by a super-admin, will allow the person in charge of the portal to create multiple user accounts, thus facilitating coordination among staff members and allow the tracking of their activities. Similarly, the software also integrates a student-profile system, which will allow the school to monitor all the activities of each student--from academic performance, student-participation history and library use to payment history and attendance, among others.  

Furthermore, regular school activities like the students' daily routines, library management, exam management and billing processing are also integrated into the school management system. And the integration of mobile platform, via an app, brings communication and coordination to the tip of your finger. Requesting staff, notifying the parents of their child's performance and bills that are due are all based on a messaging platform embedded in the product.  The software also includes a vehicle-tracking system to assure both schools as well as the parents of the students' safety and whereabouts. And a crisis-notification system helps make schools safer, by allowing super-admin to notify targeted users, or the whole school, of crises--should they occur. All in all, Sajilo School Manager is an integrated technology product that helps create 'smarter' schools. 

Subscription costs, future features

Schools looking to benefit from Sajilo School Manager's system can subscribe to packages starting from Rs 30,000 (renewable every year). The subscription fee is Rs 15,000. 

ETPL, according to Limbu, will add more relevant features to the software as technology progresses. The company already has plans to embed a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) feature that will help automate staff and students attendance records, later this year. And ETPL will continue to add features after having tested the impact of additions.


*First published by the author in M&S VMAG.


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