Entrepreneurs, Stay focused

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Entrepreneurs, Stay focused

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There is freedom waiting for every individual on breezes of sky, with a risk to fall or to fly. Everyone encounters failure at one point or another. No one goes from zero to hundred without falling, without losing hope or without being mentally or physically frustrated. People have to take risks in order to succeed, even entrepreneurs do. But it’s normal being terrified to take the leap of faith. Most of the entrepreneurs don’t even go the half way thinking “Will I be able to do it?,” “Is this the right decision?” Most of them usually lack motivation and the driving power to climb over to reach the goal. Drew Houston (co-founder and CEO of DropBox) once said, “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” What truly matters is how you react and learn from that failure. 



Every story, though irrelevant, has a lesson to take away for every one of us. Bill Gates watched his first company fall apart, few years later he came up with his first Microsoft product. Walt Disney, one of the most creative geniuses, was told he lacked creativity. But he was the one who envisioned theme parks such as Disneyland and Walt Disney world. Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington post Media Group and the author of fifteen books, was once rejected by 36 publishers. The Story of Angry Bird is also similar, Rovio Entertainment made 51 games before hitting success with Angry Birds. These examples somehow prove that no matter how many times you fail, you have to have the faith and the ability to keep focus in your journey.  

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But how are entrepreneurs able to bounce back and become legends in the business world? Is it purely ability, patience and focus? Obviously not! Even if you are completely focused and optimist about your project, there are several other things to wipe you out. You need to take care of your mission and your progress side by side. If you don’t have the mission and are not progressing at all, then the focus is hard to keep.  And then the question arises, “How to stay focused once you have faced failure?” There are several ways out to deal with the problem. You have to learn the lesson from your failure, get better prepared and start working. If you ultimately know this is what you want, you will take the knocks and say, “on to the next one.” You need to pick your pen and generate a new plan. 

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You know how painful it would be, but be focused and positive to start over. And the rest I assure you will perfectly fall into its place. 





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