Happy Bean Bags: A Business Philosophised on Happiness

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Happy Bean Bags: A Business Philosophised on Happiness


What kind of furniture do you want in your office?

Think of thousands of words in variety of ways and you will probably end with words that can be summed up by these very words--- Luxurious, soft, comfortable and flexible. Maybe some romantics would add--- life, if you are inspired by Jobs’ approach to branding.

But few would think, furnitures could be “Happy”. Happy Bean Bags, a company manufacturing bean bags in Kathmandu in intuitively using bean bags with intentions to spread Happiness. “Our furnitures resonate our belief of life itself which is: Life should be happy, people deserve to be happy”, says Shekhar Bansal, the CEO of Happy Bean Bags.


Starting Out

Bean bags aren’t a necessity. You can obviously survive without any. But, it goes without say in an age of entrepreneurship filled with startups of all kinds, that bean bags represent more than just furnitures. They are a culture. And this is what Sahil Agrawal thought of bringing to Nepal when he was exposed to the bean-bags-rich startup culture of India. “Bean bags were becoming popular in India, and seeing them and feeling them felt well- Happy”, says Agrawal, who then studied how bean bags were made. But he didn’t go all out into making a company itself.

After initial learning, he came back home to Kathmandu with some raw materials and made some for himself and his family members. Friends that visited Agrawal and sat in his bean bags could feel a similar sense of goodness of the bags and requested Agrawal to make some for them. Agrawal happily made and sold some.


Company formation

The initial response from his friends and family members encouraged Agrawal to go ahead with his initial plans. He then found an able partner in his childhood friend and business partner of earlier ventures in Anup Kaberia. They decided to register Happy Bean Bags in July 2016.

Mixed with excellence in customer value and purposeful marketing message, the company has been able make a significant name for itself. The founders strongly believe that “Happiness is a choice”. And their belief strongly resonates in bean bags as an addition among a plethora of furniture choices that people have. “Bean bags, I tell you, are not a need but an alternative choice, but so is happiness”, says Bansal revealing they are adding more choices as days go by.



Are bean bags for you?

The almost marshmallow-like bean bags from Happy Bean Bags are ergonomic and mould themselves according to a person’s body and provide maximum support while being comfortable at the same time. The plush comfort of bean bags allows for long hours of office work, lounging, perfect for relaxing while watching a movie, reading a book, or while gaming.

With the rise in renting expenses, there has been a surge in downsizing. Young people cannot afford the same space, older people with a more fluid income can. Bean bags are a creative and elegant solution to any space woes. Be it a startup office or a cosy apartment. With the mobility of a bean bag, you can make the most out of your limited space. Compared to other lounging chairs, the versatility and mobility of bean bags is second to none. Not only does it add colour and an aesthetic element to what a person might call a dull room, but it is also an affordable and portable decor that you can chuck in a corner if you need a bigger space when guests are coming in.


Happiness is a choice and so are bean bags 

Happy Bean Bags has two ranges of bean bags: Economy Range and Premium Range. The economy range uses pellets and rexine imported from India, whereas the premium range uses pellets from Thailand and rexine from Japan. The economy range was introduced later on when Bansal felt the need of also catering to customers who were looking to spend less on decor.

They started out with three bean bag designs and now have over 12 designs. In addition to this impressive range of designs, customers are also provided with the option of customising the existing designs, or coming up with a new one altogether.

IMG_3780.jpgFootball, a bean bag design by Happy Bean Bags introduced for sports enthusiasts; the boss, an  ultra-comfortable bag perfect for long hours of lounging

UdhyamiTechDay3-144-of-156.jpgMuda, a modern twist to a traditional furniture.

Customer is king for us.

Shekhar Bansal, the CEO of Happy Bean Bags says, “the primary focus of the company is satisfying their customers.” From customised design options to punctual home delivery to the quality of fabric used in the product, the company puts customers ahead of everything else. The product might be comparatively priced higher, but the deliverance of quality is guaranteed.

Many customers come asking for customised leather bean bags, but Bansal, being an animal rights advocate himself does not condone the use of animal products for bean bags covers. Hence, Happy Bean Bags too does not use animal products like fur and leather. They use faux leather called rexine that is imported either from Japan or from India.

The last time we covered Happy Bean Bags, they were just a startup looking to create a brand name. In months since the first interview, Happy Bean Bags has not only succeeded in creating a brand name for itself, but it is now also looking into plans of expansion. They want to expand into modern and ergonomic home decor, in addition to opening outlets in cities of Nepal like Dharan, Biratnagar, and Pokhara


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