How a Startup is Redefining the Nepali Game Development Industry

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How a Startup is Redefining the Nepali Game Development Industry

 “Don’t dream too small or big beyond reach, keep it scalable”, says Uttam Adhikari, cofounder of Sroth Code games. Based on personal experience, Adhikari shares his insight of the entrepreneurial world and concludes that while starting a business, the act of putting a blind belief on aiming beyond capabilities in hopes of overachievement, or being satisfied with minimal results and performance, is a deal maker or breaker for startups. After a few failed attempts in starting a business, Adhikari learned that setting a realistic target with constant scaling and progression in performance are integral steps to set up a promising enterprise.


Defining Sroth Code Games

Sroth Code is a mobile game development company which makes games based on Nepali pop culture and the historical background of Nepal. Sroth Code Games came up with the idea of developing games based on Nepali pop culture when cofounder Adhikari felt that they had an excess of information on Nepal which hadn’t really been represented digitally.

 With the initial intention of establishing a coding institution for the younger generations of our country, Sroth Code Academy soon shifted to designing games rather than teaching to cater the need gap in the supplier side of the gaming industry of Nepal. Making their debut in the mobile gaming field with the Haku Run, the positive responses from the app users and the investors during the Udhyami Seed Camp event is what fuelled Adhikari and co to dive further into the production field. With a strong and reliable team of coders built from carefully selected applicants and interested Sroth Code Academy graduates, Sroth Code Team started collaborating ideas to make games under two categories: big and small games. While the prior focuses on themes with a touch of our country’s culture and can take up to 4 months to build, the latter consists of more logic based games that test on hand-eye reflexes and require just a few days to make.

As Sroth Code Games follows an untraditional and democratic approach to its management style, ideas flow freely among the team members encouraging higher levels of creativity and spurring motivation.

From Sroth Code Academy to Sroth Code Games

Sroth Code was started over a year ago when the cofounders of Sroth Code, Uttam Adhikari and Uday Gurung decided to leave their old jobs to pursue their own dream. They left Club Tech Web to start their own venture, Sroth Code Academy- a winter camp for front end development training. All their resources, for a few months, were focused on carrying out the front end development training sessions.

 After the completion of the winter camp, the duo started thinking of developing games. Adhikari always had an unyielding passion for games. He had even gained experience in game development and had several innovative ideas for games, but he lacked the proper skillset to execute those ideas. But now, with the help of Gurung and other team members that they had recruited, a competent team for mobile game development was formed.



Haku Run- A Promising Start

Just as the company had decided to test the waters of mobile game development, the announcement of Nepali movie Loot 2 was made through a teaser. The team thought they could really appeal to the Nepali crowd if they could come up with a game based on the movie. They approached director Nischal Basnet with the idea, and with Basnet’s approval, the team started their work right away. They spent months developing their game from scratch. Any idea a team member came up with was discussed, designed, and then delivered.

 After months of persistent work, they finally launched their game with the release of Loot 2’s first trailer, in the January of 2017. Within the first 3 days of launch, Haku Run had over 10 thousand downloads. The reaction from the crowd was utterly amazing. The team at Sroth Code was overwhelmed by the outpouring support of their users. Yes, there were bugs and glitches and the game hadn’t panned out exactly as envisioned, but those were things that could be fixed. The 4 and 5 star reviews from the crowd really gave them the source of encouragement that they needed to make the game better.



Further encouragement at Udhyami Seed Camp

After much analysis and research, Sroth code team realised the need of mentorship to guide the firm. With Haku Run’s promising beginning, they decided to take Sroth Code Games up a notch and applied for the Udhyami Seed camp, an entrepreneurship boot camp, in hopes of incorporating professionalism and higher levels of efficiency into the business. Once selected into the short-listed pool of applicants, three members of the marketing and public relations department represented Sroth Code Games for the event.

The decision to join the bootcamp was a success; not only was the marketing team able to expand their network and refine their modusbusiness model, but also pitch Sroth Code Game’s ideas to prospective investors. Upon seeing the impressive statistical results of Haku Run and the teams willingness to go further, Kathmandu Digital Corp took the onus of investing on the enterprise. Despite greater share in the company, there are very less restrictions and need of permissions concerning the company’s work. And with enhanced guidance and increased resources at their disposal, Sroth Code Games’s team is now completely focused on developing games.



Future goals and visions

With a common unifying element of Nepali pop culture in every game, Sroth Code Games have established their presence in the Nepali gaming market. They aim on making around 20 to 25 mobile based games- both thematic and minimal - every year. Before scoping out their market towards web based games and PC games, SCG would still like to keep making mobile based games, at least for a few years. They especially have a keen eye on Mass Multiplayer Online games (MMO) like Clash of Clans. Although they don’t have major plans for their former business, they want to re-establish Sroth Code Academy to promote a better IT education, which they think Nepal could use.

SCG shows the potential a game development company can have in Nepal. What’s more, with the advent of smartphones and introduction of better processors in smartphones, opportunity is literally knocking on the door for mobile game development companies.



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    But it is better to work as indie.

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    legal formality haru k hunxa game studio start garna? or indie lie pani?

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