Interesting Women Enterprises in Tihar Dhamaka by Girls in Technology

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Interesting Women Enterprises in Tihar Dhamaka by Girls in Technology

With the motive of encouraging women entrepreneurship and promoting local goods and resources, the Tihar Dhamaka Celebration comprised of stalls by energetic women entrepreneurs flourishing their products, musical performances by young artists, synchronized dance by Nepal Hiphop Community & group, food stalls, face paintings, and many other attractions.

Along with all the entertainment and shopping spree, the event was primarily conducted ro provide a great platform for local women entrepreneurs for showcasing and promoting their business and branch out their networks. Some of the most promising and dynamic women entrepreneurs in Nepal took part in the event, and were given various opportunities to promote their businesses. Here is the list of some of the shortlisted interesting women entreprises who attended the Tihar Dhamaka 2016.



Laali is natural handmade luxury bars made up of completely natural high quality ingredients. The beauty bar, along with having creamy lather and vibrant scent, is very gentle and compliments all skin types. These tenderly manufactured natural soaps by Laalii do not contain any kind of synthetic chemicals, preservatives or artificial dyes.


Bhaav Products

Bhav Products is a creative industry geared towards promoting and generating ideas, designs, and products that people can relate to and become a part of a larger community of stationery users and lovers. By the promotion of local artists, local products, and local knowledge in Nepal, Bhaav Products aims to encourage people to take up entrepreneurial ventures like theirs to prove that people can make good business without having to compromise creativity.  


Haamri Bahini

Haamri Bahini is a social enterprise that has taken a business approach to solve the problem of mass migration, trafficking and exploitation of young and vulnerable girls out of Nepal. This program utilises the energy and skills of Nepali youth to reach out to unemployed young woman across the country and their potential employers through a user-friendly web-platform for expediting employment creation. They focus on making environment friendly cotton bags and other related products. The enterprise also runs different trainings for the young and less-educated women in order to provide them jobs and livelihood opportunities within the country.


Mahila Shakti

Mahila Shakti Bikaash Kendra Nepal (MSBKN) mainly focuses on bringing women at the ward level together and training them to increase awareness, promote companion and build leadership in them. It has been working on programs for women leadership and youth leadership for the past five years. It believes that, the concept on women as weaker-sex and subordinate to the man can be changed through the involvement of women in decision making level and working in the area as equals to men.



Hausala is a non-profit organization established by a team of dedicated and compassionate women with a vision to enhance women’s income and increase self-dependency among women of Nepal. They have been successful working programs such as ‘the housewife welfare project’  on freeing women from obligatory household chores and engaging them in income generating activities. Along with women empowerment, they have also conducted various adult education programmes.


Aamo Jewelries

AAMO is a conceptual jewelry line inspired by all that is Kathmandu and beyond. Each piece is purely handcrafted by local master craftsmen, who continue to practice the old ways of making jewelry, which has been passed down from generation to generation. One of the core missions of the brand is to highlight the immense ability of our artisans, while creating a sustainable line of jewelry that blends the contemporary with the traditional. AAMO is working to create an environment that will allow traditional practices to be successfully passed down to the future generations to see, explore, practice and realize the endless possibilities within our nation.



Allare is a young company consisting extraordinary products with a focus in transcending traditional Nepali art into modern mediums. They mainly focus on utilising local resources and local manpower for creating their products as a way of empowering women of Nepal. Their love for design not only makes them develop the products but bring out tales and stories of what went behind each product that they sell.



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