Learn from the best at this year’s Next Growth Conclave

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Learn from the best at this year’s Next Growth Conclave


The NEXT Growth Conclave (NGC) is an annual event hosted by NEXT Venture Corp that offers Nepali startups the opportunity to access various resources and consult with experts who can help make the growth process of startups easier. Last year’s NGC, held in September 2016, saw versatile speakers and dignitaries who have nurtured businesses, provided steadfast mentorship and worked as angel investors.

This year’s conclave, to be held on December 22, too will bring together from around the world some rather influential national and international speakers, investors and titans of various industries, to inspire Nepali entrepreneurs. Here’s a look at some of the speakers headlining this year’s conclave.

Arijit Bhattacharyya

Founder & CEO, Virtualinfocom

Angel Investor and Mentor, National Entrepreneurs Network

Kolkata, India


An entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience under his belt, Arijit Bhattacharya is the founder and CEO of Virtualinfocom. Virtualinfocom is a digital design institute that provides a wide range of services including animation, game design, app development and web-based simulation. Virtualinfocom nurtures local talent and produces skilled designers, who usually go on to work with some of the most renowned game-development companies and animation studios. Bhattacharya refers to himself as a technologist and a restless entrepreneur who has a passion for linking innovation, art and business. Virtualinfocom provides services to 67,000 clients across 134 countries. Over the last few years, Bhattacharya has been travelling to various parts of the world to speak in national and international platforms on topics related to game development, virtual reality, innovation and cybersecurity.

Warren Leow

CEO, Designs.net

VP Partnerships at 123RF

Former Executive Director, MaGIC

London, United Kingdom



Warren Leow is Vice President at Inmagine Group, where he leads multiple global businesses including Designs.net. An alumnus of the London School of Economics, where he studied Accounting and Finance, Leow is well versed in the art of entrepreneurial financing and capital raising. He is recognised in the Southeast Asian startup scene as a startup community leader with strong ties to VC investors across and beyond the region. Prior to his vice presidency at Inmagine, Leow ran the Malaysian Global Innovation Centre (MaGIC), a government-sponsored accelerator programme, where he mentored over 50 startups.

Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Director, Founder Institute



Jeffrey Paine is Managing Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, an early-stage seed firm and technology incubator based in Singapore. His active involvement in his region’s startup community has helped bridge Silicon Valley and Asia.

Since 2010, he has also founded and managed The Founder Institute, Singapore, through which he has helped over 60 companies. Paine understands that entrepreneurs need seed funding, experienced mentors and a strong network of seasoned professionals and peers. In order to work with companies who need his expertise, he chooses to spend his time engaging with startups and aspiring entrepreneurs on platforms such as China Accelerator, STARTUP-CHILE and Sydney Seed Fund.


Sajid Rahman

Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Health at Telenor Group

Jakarta, Indonesia




Sajid is an experienced leader, a coach and has been an international banker who has managed different banks at the board level in different countries. With an excellent record of turning around and growing the business, he was the specialist of emerging market. An active angel investor, he has invested in the companies that are based out of Silicon Valley, Asia and Europe. He was the first one to build the technology accelerator programme in Bangladesh and the first accelerator program for the rural areas. Mentored at Endeavor Indonesia, a US-based organization that has been accelerating the growth of mid-size companies to billion dollar business has also worked as Country Head in the diverse markets of Africa, South-East Asia and South Asia. Sajid is also a speaker and author who has been featured in different national and international outlets.


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