Margo Nepal Brings to Town Falfull- Organic Fruit Juices from Marpha

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Margo Nepal Brings to Town Falfull- Organic Fruit Juices from Marpha

Owing to Nepal’s diverse topography and climate, a wide range of fruits, grains and vegetables grow here. But the country has made only minimum progress when it comes to capitalising on the country’s produce. Margo Nepal Pvt Ltd, one of the companies being accelerated at NEXT Launchpad, aims to fill that market gap—by manufacturing fresh juices from high-quality produce, and making them accessible all over the country.


It all started with apples

Nischal Hirachan, the co-founder of Margo Nepal, is a native of Marpha, a place known as the apple capital of Nepal. And it was with his village’s juicy apples that he decided to home in on as the product he could base his business on. “Apples have always grown in excess quantities in Marpha. It was so abundant that people would throw away most of their yield because they couldn’t eat all of them. As a child, we even used apples as cricket balls,” says Hirachan. 

Over the years, as more roadways were built around Marpha, and as the village became connected by road to the rest of Nepal, Marpha apples started being supplied to the rest of the country. The best-quality apples were sold as fruits, while the lower-quality ones were used to make pies, wine and juice. Apple juice used to be mainly sent as souvenirs by the villagers to their loved ones who lived in other Nepali cities. “I always had full faith in the quality of apple juice produced in Marpha, for one could distinctly taste the Marpha apple in it,” says Hirachan. “But there were only very few people outside of Marpha who knew about it. I figured if I could get the juice to Kathmandu, there would be enough buyers for it.”


Initial market response

In 2014, Hirachan started Royal Marpha Suppliers, with the intention of taking Marpha’s apple juice beyond the village. That fall, he brought around 50 cartons of apple juice to Kathmandu, to test the market reception. The juice was sold from five restaurants, which included Le Sherpa, Old House and Wellness Organic Club. The response was so overwhelming that the following year, Hirachan sold more than 2,800 litres of apple juice from more than 15 outlets.


Apples to apricots and beyond

Apricots, like apples, are plentiful in Mustang. Around two years ago, in Marpha, members of a group of elderly women, Aama Samuha, started making apricot juice by using almost the same technique used in making apple juice. The group even tweaked some techniques to enhance the taste of the juice. Hirachan and his team got in touch with the group and started marketing the apricot juice to Kathmandu. The feedback was very positive.


Re-branding the company to get into the manufacturing game 

After successfully marketing two different organic juices, Hirachan mulled over the idea of starting his own manufacturing unit. Eventually, he decided to get together with Monayac Karki, and together they re-branded the company to Margo Nepal Pvt Ltd. The re-branded company, with its brand, Falfull, aims to produce and market organic fruit juices by sourcing fruits from all over the country. 


Getting into manufacturing

Falfull will be launching their first batch of pure apricot juice in August. The company also plans on starting its own juice-manufacturing unit in Marpha this year. “We will purchase the raw materials locally and employ the local people to manufacture the juice,” says Hirachan. Right now, the company is concentrating on branding, marketing and widening the reach of the products.


Future plans 

Margo Nepal are confident that they can do well in the competitive market. That’s because while the market is flooded with a plethora of brands that offer juices made from flavoured concentrates and artificial preservatives, Margo’s focus on quality organic juices is what sets them apart and is their unique selling point.

The gradual effort and growth the company has achieved through the years—from being a small-scale juice supplier to becoming a manufacturing unit—shows that Margo Nepal is off to a solid start. And if it continues in the same manner, it could soon become a juice brand to reckon with.


First published in M&S VMAG


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