Nepalese Entrepreneurs who made it to Forbes Asia: 30 Under 30

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Nepalese Entrepreneurs who made it to Forbes Asia: 30 Under 30

Five Nepali Entrepreneurs created a buzz in the Nepali Startup Scene this week. The entrepreneurs from different sectors made it to the 2017 list of, “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia”. Aashish Acharya, Sabin Bhandari, Ravi Kumar Nepal, Prabhat Yadav and Surya Karki were recognized among 300 other promising young leaders of Asia. The significance of Nepali Entrepreneurs making it to the Asian list goes beyond measure to highlight that the startup scene in Nepal is not all doom-and-gloom as it is made out to be. It further shades positive light into the growing startup scene in the Kathmandu Valley.

StartupsNepal is proud to cover some of the highlights of the Forbes Asia: 30 Under 30


Aashish Acharya and Sabin Bhandari- Re-engineering Retail

Aashish and Sabin are the co-founders of Threadpaints - an online apparel store founded in 2012. Now in their mid-20’s, the story of these engineers that tried their hand at engineering fashion is nothing sort of inspiring. As a college startup, they have gone through everything normal college startups in Nepal go through and thrived---starting with mere thousands, getting overly ambitious, sinking into a debt, failing exams, making mistakes and what not. Acharya and Bhandari are a testament to the fact that, for people with passion and zeal, college days are the best days to venture out onto something of your own---even in a country like Nepal.

Aashish and Sabin were recognized under Retail and Ecommerce category by 30 under 30 Asia 2017.

Source: Ekantipur


Prabhat Yadav- You-tuber with Silver Play Button

Prabhat is the only “You-Tuber” in Nepal with a Silver Play Button award from You-Tube. With over 420,000 subscribers and counting, it is easy to forget he is only 23, who started his Youtube channel Explore Gadgets after completing his high-school at a tender age of 18. Prabhat’s story of starting young is encouraging for all the young starters willing to give a shot to what they want to do. It simply shows, you are not too young to start. If you are young and want to do something but think your age might just be a hinderance, look no further than Prabhat.

Prabhat was recognized by 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 under the Media, Marketing and Advertising category.   

Source: Forbes


Surya Karki- Changing Lives through education, energy and agriculture

Surya Karki is the co-founder of Diyalo Foundation. The foundation has touched lives of several thousand people in rural Nepal with education, agriculture and energy. A believer in education and sustainable development, Karki’s willingness to reach out to thousands of Nepalese with quality education took shape because of efforts he made. While many people have faced problems and thought about solving problems, getting into action and making things happen is what separates Karki from the rest of the block. The 26 year old’s story of materializing his dream shows the importance of execution as opposed to simply pondering about ideas.

Surya was recognized by 30 Under 30 Asia 2017 under the Social Entrepreneurship Category.

Source: Coa


Ravi Kumar- Coding and building for country

Ravi Kumar and Mia Mitchel co-founded Code for Nepal with intentions to increase digital literacy and use of Big Data in Nepal. Code for Nepal has made data on Nepal more accessible through Furthermore, they are helping spread digital literacy by building more accessible and understandable products to empower women and marginalized communities in Nepal. Through Grassroots Movement in Nepal (GMIN) that builds schools in rural areas of the country, Kumar has helped rebuild more than 25 schools after the devastating earthquake. The story of this husband and wife pair shades light into Nepal as the real land of opportunity for people trying to do what they can, where they can.

Ravi and Mia were also recognized under the Social Entrepreneurship Category of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2017.

Source: Twimg

Whether you are an youtuber interested in making videos of interest, students trying to customize T-shirts, social enthusiast trying to make a difference or coders willing to go beyond computers, you can make it big in Nepal. And making big in your area with what-ever you do is enough to get a place in list of do-ers. The people covered here are not Zuckerberg or Jobs but your neighbourhood friends, who showed through their passion and dreams that for dreamers geography is no more the major impending block.   



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