Response Corp, invests a crore into “Uptrendly”- an influential marketing platform of M&S Events for 50 per cent stake.

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Response Corp, invests a crore into “Uptrendly”- an influential marketing platform of M&S Events for 50 per cent stake.

Response Corp., a company established with an objective to provide overall digital marketing solutions to businesses and brands looking for strong digital media presence, has acquired a 50 percent stake in ‘Uptrendly’- an influential marketing platform, developed, operated, and owned by M&S Events. We have heard that the product, though young, is currently valued at two crore Nepalese rupees, and has a great potential to scale.   


M&S Events had been experimenting with influential marketing since its inception. The initial research and experiment came to fruition last year with the launch of Profile Integrated Boost (PIB) that had been using more than 83 influencers ranging from celebrities to bloggers in Nepal to market various products via its platform. The influencer platform has gained 20 million plus reach within the short span of its operation.

PIB recently rebranded itself into “Uptrendly”, looking to create an upwards trends on newly launched products in the market, along with the ones looking to boost their marketing communication efforts. “People today believe more in recommendation rather than regular advertising”, says Monayac Karki, CEO of M&S events. The initial four member team of Gaurav Bista, Senior Brand Executive; Monalisa Maharjan, Influencer Servicing Executive; And Jai Pradhan, Marketing Executive, along with the aforementioned CEO had been working day and night to keep Uptrendly working and growing.  


Influential marketing, a relatively new concept to the world, is getting significant attention globally with the rise of social media. And it is predicted to have a significant impact in creating a buzz for startups, small businesses, and smart marketers. “Response Corp., with its investment in “Uptrendly” is looking to capitalize on this global trend while simultaneously serving local brands get quick buzz in the market”, said Raghav Bahadur Swar, the Chief Executive of Response Corp.

Digital Media Marketing has been long touted as the future, but few companies in Nepal have actually taken steps to go beyond Facebook and Twitter boosts. Response Corp is looking to initiate, maintain, and sustain small and big brands alike through measured approach using influencers for social media, email, audio-visual and other digital tools for marketing. With half the stake in a globally rising and validated business model, and a locally proven early stage venture, Response Corp seems to be placing itself as one of the strong players in the Nepalese Digital Marketing scene.


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