Teach your children well

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Teach your children well

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Are entrepreneurs born or made? This debate has been going on around the world for a long time now. Some people believe that entrepreneurs are born different, while most say they become different later on, as a result of their upbringing and the kind of environment they are exposed to. I too believe that entrepreneurs can be raised. They are not born entrepreneurs, but made entrepreneurial.

Similar to how we nurture and grow everything else, in order to create an entrepreneur, we must first provide them the right foundation. And since attitude also plays a key role in defining a child’s future, the first thing that is required to groom children into becoming entrepreneurs would be to cultivate the right mindset.

Here are a few ways to help our kids develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


Ask your kids to take their own decisions

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If you want your children to grow up to become independent and strong individuals, ask them to decide things for themselves from an early age. This does not mean that you should pressure them into deciding everything on their own, but you should ask them to decide what to eat for dinner, what to wear, which toy to buy, how much to spend, how much to save, etc. Involving kids in decision-making will help them develop a coherent thought process. Even if they aren’t satisfied with the results later, they will always know that the decision was their own.

Involve them in taking financial decisions pertaining to them. Asking your children to make decisions regarding money will make them more analytical, cautious and wise. You can start by asking how much pocket money they want and what they will do with it. If your kids ask you to buy them the most expensive chocolate at a shopping mart, hand over the money to them instead, and show the various options on offer.

You can tell them that the amount they save by buying a cheaper chocolate will go into their savings. Allowing your kids to make financial decisions not only makes them sharp, but also independent.


Involve your child in fixing problems

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Innovation takes place in scarcity and when people try to solve real-life problems. For kids, every problem is a big problem, and they will relentlessly seek the solution. You can start by involving them in solving real-life problems that arise at home. Involve your kids in activities like gardening and home decoration and have them lend a hand when you are fixing a broken gadget. When you involve them thus, your kids will learn to look into problems carefully, analyse the situation and find the solutions. Such activities will also turn them into more creative problem solvers.


Share inspiring stories with them

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First, take the the time to understand what values and morals mean to you, and then start teaching your children to be moral. Moral education plays a vital role in shaping people into good human beings. As your kids get a little older, expose them to the lives, stories and struggles of inspiring individuals. Also share stories about great entrepreneurs and how they created wonderful products that benefitted others. When our kids see that we are inspired by entrepreneurs and that we respect them, our kids will also want to one day become entrepreneurs worthy of such respect.


Teach them to be diligent and resilient

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Let them know categorically that there is no substitute for hard work. Perseverance is one quality that all great innovators and entrepreneurs share. It is also a determinant of one’s success. Our children will learn to work hard when they see us valuing hard work, and they will learn to stay the course if we show them that we will not give up when the going gets tough. If you raise them to believe that hard work pays off, that belief motivates your kids to leave no stone unturned when seeking a solution to a problem they have to resolve, and they will work at it until they find the right solution.


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