The Power of a Name: The Kathmandu Post Venture Talk with Anil Keshary Shah

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The Power of  a Name: The Kathmandu Post Venture Talk with Anil Keshary Shah


Whether it be with his iconic bright red spectacles or more recently with his pointy mustache, Anil Shah makes sure he commands every room he walks into. As one of the most iconic personalities in the country, the CEO of Mega Bank significantly adds to the bank’s ora of integrity and excellence, making it one of the largest banks in Nepal. On the 20th of August M&S Next Venture Corp is providing you the opportunity to listen to him and learn how to build a personal brand with their fourth installment of The Kathmandu Post Venture Talk series.

Keeping to the concept of relevance in the business world, the theme for this Venture Talk is “Building a Personal Brand”, an often overlooked aspect of entrepreneurship. The power of personal branding is ever more evident right now when a certain Donald Trump can rise to the presidency of the United States of America riding for the most part on a wave built by his personal brand.




There are plenty of other examples in the business world of how a leader’s brand reflects and reinforces the values of the company. Be it how Steve Jobs’ insatiable appetite for innovation pushed Apple Inc. to the forefront of technology or be it how Binod Chaudhary’s business prowess and excellence evokes confidence in CG initiatives, a good personal brand will always go a long way in promoting the company’s brand.

Personal Branding can be the difference between surviving or not in the cutthroat environment of entrepreneurship. When you create a personal brand you ensure you maintain your relevance in the fast paced global world. Any networking event will be ten times easier for you. With personal branding, your applicability will not depend on the situation of the market or your company.

The Kathmandu Post Venture Talk provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs to not only listen to someone who is at the top of the Nepali corporate scene but also interact with him directly. You will not only listen to his story, from which you can take many inspirations in itself but get an opportunity to directly learn from him. After the talk, there will be a networking session where you will meet with like minded individuals in the industry. Mark it on your calendars, Sunday at the Nepal Tourism Board may be a start of a new brand for you. A brand that is completely in your hands; Your personal brand.


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