They could be the stars: Green Bamboo Creations

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They could be the stars: Green Bamboo Creations

Founder: Pranab Pradhan

Started on: May 27, 2015


The company serves a market need for bamboo products. They primarily make indoor/outdoor bamboo furniture, bamboo handicraft and bamboo decoratives. They also make engineered bamboo and wood composite houses, gazebos, bamboo cladding, partitions, fences, and wholesale and retail CCB (Copper Chrome Boron, a chemical bamboo preservative) treated bamboo. Their products can be seen in places like Red Mud Coffee (Jhamsikhel). The products have also been put up on the online furniture store Furniture Hub.

Value proposition

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials, both economically and environmentally, with a high value-addition potential. Pradhan believes that if businesses were to use an inclusive business model, the bamboo industry could be one of the best industries to help create sustainable growth of the economy. Green Bamboo Creations aims to capitalise on this potential of bamboo as a building material and establish itself as a leader in the industry. The company aims to do this by providing cost-effective, eco-friendly, highly durable products whose designs can be customised.


They have been able to generate sales of more than Rs 10 million in a little over a year of operation, mostly through informal networks. They have also seen a substantial increase in the number of customers with different order variations and requirements. Additionally, they have streamlined their production line. Furthermore, they have been able to establish their head office with a showroom in Gyaneshwor and a branch office in Hetauda.

Investment type

The company has not received any form of institutional or angel funding yet. They’ve raised money from family and friends and are now bootstrapping their business.

Future plans

Green Bamboo Creations aims to commercialise bamboo products for homes, offices, resorts and hotels within three years. They are also looking to expand their factory and want to be able to export to different parts of the world. Their end goal is to make bamboo products and services easily available and affordable to all kinds of customers. They believe that this will make an impact and revolutionise agriculture-based industries.

Reason for being on the list

Green Bamboo Creations has been able to generate sales of Rs 10 million within a span of one-and-a-half years. Given that they officially launched their products less than two months ago, this feat is very impressive. Furthermore, they operate with an inclusive business model, meaning that during their production cycle, they remain connected to the grassroots levels. This allows them to make a positive impact even as they create a sustainable business.

*First Published in M&S VMAG

*Photo Credits: M&S VMAG


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