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They could be the stars: Happy Bean Bags

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They could be the stars: Happy Bean Bags


The company sells bean bags, each customised for and produced in Nepal. The fabric for the bag is imported from Japan, while the beans are imported from India. Starting with three bean bag designs, the company has added nine more designs, and consumers can also send their designs to the company to build bags as per their needs.

Value proposition

The primary focus of the company is to provide customised design options of the highest quality while maintaining customer satisfaction. From customised design options to home delivery to the quality of fabric used in the product, the company puts customers ahead of everything else. Although their products are priced higher than other bean bags, quality is guaranteed.


Self-funded; a total of Rs one million has been invested.


The growth has been remarkable. Just four months into the business, they now own a small factory with four employees to stitch their products—an operational factor they had initially outsourced. The mixture of quality products and proper marketing has done wonders for the company, as customer flow increased from one order per week to ten orders per day. When they started, they sold bean bags only through social media. Now, they have a showroom in Gairidhara—so that customers can examine their product before purchasing it. They have also hired two office employees to work on their designs and look after the store. Today, the team has grown to eight members, which includes four factory employees.

Future plans

Happy Bean Bags Nepal aims to open four outlets in Nepal’s major cities, and within six months, deliver their products all over Nepal. Their main focus is to set up a factory to produce refill beans in Nepal, which would reduce the price of bean bags by half. They are also looking to diversify into a whole line of bean furniture and home-decor products like cushions and bean mattresses. The end goal is to compete in the global market.

Reason for being on the list

Happy Bean Bags Nepal saw an untapped market gap in the furniture sector and came up with a product that could disrupt the market. They took a simple idea, executed it perfectly, built quality products and grew rapidly. They have a vision to cover the whole of Nepal and hope to compete internationally.  

*First Published by our writer in M&S VMAG

*Photo Credits: M&S VMAG


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