They could be the stars: JUAS (Jiva Urban Agriculture System) Nepal

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They could be the stars: JUAS (Jiva Urban Agriculture System) Nepal


The company promotes and provides sustainable food-production and waste-recycling solutions in urban and suburban locations. Organic waste such as kitchen waste, food-processing waste, and so on are recycled into biogas and bioslurry fertiliser through anaerobic digestion processes. JUAS provides integrated organic waste-management, renewable-energy- production and urban-farming solutions for households and institutions.

Value proposition:

JUAS Nepal provides an eco-friendly alternative to LPG. Their bioslurry fertilisers can be used as fertilisers for regenerative agriculture. Karki believes that innovative farming methods such as biological hydroponics and wicking beds can solve some of the pressing problems in Nepal related to people’s health, soil pollution and water shortage since these methods help in producing nutritive food without using harmful chemical fertilisers or much water.


Self-funded; a total of Rs 2.8 million invested

Future plans

The primary objective of JUAS is to be a disruptive startup that will completely change the way people view organic farming. Karki targets the major cities of Nepal, where organic farming and usage of environmental alternatives would be preferable. Karki believes that increase in agricultural pollution has not only harmed the environment, but also the health of the people as well. With JUAS, he aims to create sustainable cycles that incorporate food waste and production to create healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment— nationally and globally.


Reason for being on this list

In a very short time, JUAS has been able to change the lifestyles of many people by providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for farming and biogas production. Their innovative and disruptive idea of providing organic food production and organic waste-recycling solutions at affordable prices is what sets JUAS apart from other startups engaged in the sector in Nepal.

*First Published in M&S VMAG

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