[Photo Story] What's going on? Udhyami Seed Camp: Tech Edition Day 2

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[Photo Story] What's going on? Udhyami Seed Camp: Tech Edition Day 2

The second day of Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech Edition was as engaging as the first.

After a tiring first day, you'd expect the participants' enthusiasm to wear down, but their eagerness to learn from their peers, session leaders, and visiting coaches even was more perceptible than anything.

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The theme for the day revolved around Design Thinking and Lean Startup. A prominent figure from Nepal’s communication landscape came in and talked about the importance of design thinking and the integral role it plays in coming up with consumer-centric solutions.


The participants mapped out who their ideal customers would be and assessed the profiles of the customers to understand them and deliver to their needs.


After the design thinking, participants sat with CEO of Young Innovator, Bibushan Bista who introduced them to the Business Model Canvas.


Participants went through every aspect of the Business Model Canvas and learnt to create a robust business model.





The BMC session was then followed by Narottam Aryal's introduction to the basic concepts of Lean Startups.


The Executive Director of King’s College explained how building prototypes is the first step towards converting an idea into reality.



The participants sat with Ruchin Singh, co-founder of Edushala and Hitesh Karki, CAO Deerwalk Institute of Technology who helped them with their Business Model Canvases.




Based on all the information and resources at their disposal, the participants were asked to work on their business models overnight.


The seed-campers also met Ananta Saurabh (CEO, Worxpro), Ravi Singal (CEO, Sarathi Cab) and Sunita Nhemaphuki (CEO, Greenmart; RND Innovative Solutions) who helped the participants refine their business ideas.



To sum it up, the second day of Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech Edition was another fruitful day and many participants were content with the knowledge and skills acquired from the sessions.



We hope that this enthusiasm and zeal sustains throughout the six days of the event.


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