Your Emerging Growth Partner

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Your Emerging Growth Partner

M&S Holdings has been an innovation hub for people looking to make a difference in the market ever since its inception in February of 2016. Under the leadership of Sambhav Sirohiya, what started out as a weekly supplement to an English National daily, has now succeeded in tapping into the growth modules of several different markets carving out a place for itself in each one of them.

Many businesses in Nepal were experiencing major setbacks after April, 2015 Earthquake. With serious resource crunch from every direction, co-founders of companies from five very different industries joined hands to work together under a single brand, M&S Holdings having realized each other's complementing strengths and expertise with an intention to leverage the close association.

In less than two years of the bold move, M&S Holdings has grown from those four companies, each performing marvels in their own industry, to 12 companies. Their continuous strive to grow in value has aided them in mastering the groundwork in converting adversity into opportunity. A culture that values teamwork, integrity, and customer satisfaction above everything else, has brought together a pool the best and brightest youths to work, grow and lead in their field of expertise.




With a strong support system build to support innovators and entrepreneurs from range of industries, on September 1, M&S made a public announcement of its rebranding from M&S Holdings to M&S Growth Partners. As Growth Partners M&S seeks to help entrepreneurs to start, lead and grow their business in different industries---be it food, fashion, tourism or technology. The team might have grown from a handful of people to a number in the hundreds, but every player in the game still has the same goal- revolutionising innovation and spurring economic growth.

Some of its companies have explored new markets, and others are looking to disrupt existing ones. Regardless, all the companies have succeeded in achieving one thing: adding value to the ever so confusing buzzword, innovation. And now that Movers and Shakers has rebranded itself from M&S Holdings to M&S Growth Partners, not only is it spinning the wheel of innovation, but also is reinventing it by providing a home to innovation. Now, as M&S Growth Partners, Innovation finally has a home.




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