NIC Asia Udhyami101 powered by Nepal Telecom is a highly focused entrepreneurship program where next generation entrepreneurs, business students, entrepreneurial veterans, sector experts and industry supporters come to learn and exchange knowledge and information regarding the few key elements that needs to be considered while starting a new business venture.

The main theme of the program is 'Basics of starting a business', where 3 panelist will be talking about the basic topics to be considered while starting a business. Also 2 key note speakers will be sharing their insights on Pioneering Tech industry in Nepal as well as Enabling ecosystem for Tech entrepreneurs.

The program is divided into 4 major sections:

1. Keynote on "Pioneering Tech industry in Nepal"

2. Panel Discussion on "Basics of Starting a Business"

3. Introduction to Startup Companies from Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech Edition.

4. Keynote on "Enabling ecosystem of Tech Entrepreneurs"


Objective of Udhyami101

Through Udhyami 101 we aim to create an ideal platform for young and innovative minds to come together and create a collaborative and prosperous entrepreneurial society. By bringing together key stakeholders such as sector experts, startup founders, next generation entrepreneurs, investors and other industry supporters, we aim to create a vibrant and collaborative platform for young entrepreneurial enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their business in Nepal.

Through Udhyami101, STARTUPSNepal aims to cultivate a collaborative startup and entrepreneurial community and cater its unique needs accordingly.

Details for the program

Date: December 10, 2017

Time: 3:00PM-6:00PM

Venue: Nepal Tourism Board Hall

Ticket Price: Rs. 500

2:00 PM - Registration open.

3:00 PM - Welcome note by Mr. Kavi Raj Joshi.

3:10 PM - Video of Udhyami Seed Camp-Tech Edition

3:15 PM - Opening Speech on 'Technology the Next Big Shift in Business'

  • Mr. Daniel D Shrestha (Chief Operating Officer; IME)

3:45 PM - Panel Discussion on 'Basics of Starting a Business'

  • Moderator: Mr. Bibhusan Bista: (CEO; YoungInnovations Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Mr. Shailendra Raj Giri (; Founder, CMD)
  • Mr. Sameer Mani Dixit (Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal; Co-Founder, Vice Chairman)
  • Mr. Ajay Shrestha (iCapital; Chairman, Managing Director)

5:00 PM - Keynote on 'Enabling Ecosystem for Tech entrepreneurs'

  • Abhay Pareek (United Nation Capital Development Fund; DFS Expert)

5:30 PM - Presentation on 'Empowering Startups in Nepal though ICT (Information Communication and Technology)'

  • Ms. Pratibha Vaidya (Manager, Nepal Telecom)

5:45 PM - Participants of Udhyami Seed Camp- Tech Edition present their startup and share their seed camp experience.

6:00 PM - Announcement of next edition of Udhyami Seed Camp.

6:05 PM - Closing Remarks

6:10 PM - Networking Sessions

Shailendra Raj Giri

Shailendra Raj Giri

is the Managing Director of MeroJob.Com, Nepal's number one job site for white collar jobs and, a unique job portal for blue collar jobs.

Sameer Mani Dixit

Sameer Mani Dixit

is a research scientist with a background of working on biomedical research in public health sector.

Ajay Shrestha

Ajay Shrestha

is a Master's Graduate in Management with a specialization in Finance from Kathmandu University.

Bibhusan Bista

Bibhusan Bista

is the CEO and co-founder of YoungInnovations, a software development firm based in Nepal.